Pijamas blanket

Pillow cover: 100% cotton (towel fabric or 100%cotton fabric)
Back: non-slip backing
Filling:  100% polyester sponge Pillow
Easily changing

Vicky nursing pillow

Pregnant ? Have a new baby? Congratulation!
The Vicky nursing & feeding pillow – YOU MUST HAVE IT!
The Vicky pillow is the only pillow that gives you full support!

Here's why you should buy the Vicky Pillow: 

* Full support to your baby- closer to you and right up to your chest.

* Full orthopedic support to your back.
* Special Custom design pillow for your elbow & shoulder support.

* The Vicky pillow is flexible and adjustable perfectly to your size!
* The Vicky pillow is the only nursing pillow that you won't lean over to your baby with!
* The Vicky pillow is ecofriendly product, 100% cotton + sponge & sponge flakes.
* The Vicky pillow back pillow helps your baby avoid emits.
* You can wash the Vicky pillow as it is in the washing machine.
* You can use the Vicky pillow when you're pregnant / when you're breastfeed/ Feed with a bottle/ for convenience in bed.
* The Vicky pillow is the perfect and comfort way to give your baby love!
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Helpful Tips about Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is one of the most important ways you can give your baby nutrition, so having some information about breastfeeding before you get started is helpful to make sure that you 
are going about things the right way.
The best breastfeeding pillow that is flexible and adjustable perfectly to your size!
Gives Full orthopedic support to your back, elbows & shoulders.
Vicky Nursing & feeding Pillow is orthopedic The Vicky pillow is the only nursing pillow that the mom doesn't need to lean for her baby