Breastfeeding Benefits for Mother and Baby

You have probably heard that breastfeeding your baby is much healthier than trying to feed your baby formula, but you might not know all the details. There are a number of health benefits for mother and child alike that make breastfeeding well worth the effort.
One of the most common factors mothers cite when they are singing the praises of breastfeeding is the fact that they are helping prevent their baby from developing uncomfortable food allergies. Babies who are exposed to soy or dairy products while they are still developing are much more likely to develop an immune response to these products. Exposing a nursing baby to milk or soy products prevents their intestinal tract from forming a layer of protection that will prevent these allergic reactions. Breast milk contains the nutrients necessary to help babies form these bonds so they will be able to enjoy a larger variety of foods in the future.
Babies who breast feed regularly also develop a healthier relationship with their mother. Breast feeding helps to develop a sense of trust for your baby because they subconsciously learn that they will be able to depend on you for nourishment and care. You can also strengthen the bond between you and your infant by using feeding time to snuggle your baby, giving them a sense of affection that helps them feel cozy and content. You can use a pillow to help you keep a comfortable posture so that you can hold your baby comfortably without wearing yourself out.
Breastfeeding may also help prevent children from developing habits that may lead to obesity later in life. Breast milk contains less insulin than prepackaged formula, so your baby will not grow up feeling like they need sweet to satisfy hunger cravings. Breast milk also contains leptin, a hormone that helps their body regulate fat in their system. Babies that use tools like a pillow can also feed comfortably with mother for as long as they like without having to stop because your breast is becoming sore. This will allow your baby to learn to stop eating when they are full so that they do not develop poor eating habits that lead to excessive weight gain later.
Feeding has health benefits for you as well. When you use a prop to help feed your baby, you are allowing your body to get good support so that you can develop healthy breast tissue. This will prevent sagging and discomfort as you begin to age. Women who breast feed also have a much lower risk of developing cancers in their female organs, including breast or ovarian cancers. These benefits increase if you breastfeed for at least a year. Mothers who use breastfeeding to bond with their infant also see a significant drop in the development of postpartum depression symptoms, which leads to an overall improvement of their mental health. Breast feeding can help you and your infant enjoy a variety of health benefits that are important to good growth and development.
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When you are breast feeding, there are many benefits you will want to take advantage of for optimum health. The lifelong effects will make the effort well worth your while.
Breast feeding has a number of benefits it is important to keep in mind. The more you breast feed, the stronger these health tendencies become, so it is important to find the right tools to help you feed with comfort and ease. Vicky nursing pillow can help you hold your baby in a comfortable position so that nursing is easier on both of you.